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Sigewigus maple syrup

Maple syrup entirely harvested, produced, and processed on Gespe'gewa'gi, ancestral territory of the Mi'gmaq of Gespeg


Sigewigus maple butter

Made from our end-of-season syrup, our maple butter, it's simply the best.


Sigewigus maple sugar

Our maple sugar is carefully crafted from 100 % pure maple syrup, making it a delicious alternative to white sugar.


Sigewigus Maple Pie

Whether for a special occasion or simply to treat yourself to a moment of indulgence, our maple pie is the perfect choice.


Sigewigus maple butter popcorn

Whether for a movie night at home, a party with friends or simply to satisfy a craving, our maple butter popcorn is the perfect choice.


Sigewigus maple butter and pumpkin

Our Sigewigus Maple and Pumpkin Butter is ideal for enhancing your morning toast, enriching your pastries or simply enjoying with a spoon for an instant treat.


Sigewigus maple and sunflower butter

Treat yourself to a moment of pure delight with our Sigewigus Maple and Sunflower Butter, an essential product for all lovers of original and refined flavors.


Sigewigus maple butter and maple taffy cone

Treat yourself to a moment of pure happiness with our Maple Butter and Maple Taffy Cornet, an invitation to savor the richness of our culinary heritage.